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Guía de la Danza


Cía. Sebastian García Ferro

Comunidad autónoma: Cataluña
Especialidad: Danza Contemporánea




“The first forty years of life give us the text, the next thirty supply the commentary (Schopenhauer)”. At this point in life we are faced by the contradiction between enjoying maturity as a period when we can admire the beauty of the passing of time and the fact of gradually being aware that we are becoming obsolete. This is the starting point for Projecte +45, in which six experienced dancers in the second age and a choir line of nonprofessional extras in the second and third age take the centre stage Idea, Choreography, Director Sebastián García Ferro Creation and Performance Bebeto Cidra, María Cabeza de Vaca, Isabel Tapias, Guillermo Weicker, Olga Alvarez, Joan Palau Choreographic Assistant and Creative Collaboration Anna París Director’s Assistant Marcela Robbio Light and Scenic Design Xesca Salvà

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