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10 & 10 Danza

Comunidad autónoma: Comunidad de Madrid
Dirección artística: Mónica Runde
Especialidad: Danza contemporánea



"Twenty-five years ago, Mónica Runde and Pedro Berdayes realized that the best thing they could do to develop their work as choreographers and dancers was to form their own company. And so they did. In September 1989, building on the momentum of having won the first prize in the Madrid Choreography Contest, they worked up the courage to leap into the void and present their first production as a company in which they were the creators, performers, artistic directors and entrepreneurs. True, they were not alone; the artistic team included some additional dancers and several other creative collaborators whose talent and energy added to that of that kind of two-headed monster with a German-Portuguese surname. Also true, that at that time the city of Madrid was full of creative power and that there were people in the public institutions who worked very hard to ensure contemporary dance had a place in the artistic landscape of Spain and in the collective imagination of its citizens. But the definitive impulse came from something that nothing and no one can ever guarantee: the success the company had with that first production. And with scarcely time to breathe, they presented the second, then the third and so on, come hell or high water. This company has filled the gap left by its own enthusiasm to the present day at whatever cost.

The undersigned, hoping this gesture finds an echo in many places and contexts, takes off her hat in recognition of the merit of this company that has been able to stay the course with dignity during a quarter century in the arid landscape of the performing arts of Spain. And with hat in hand, prepares to enjoy the birthday celebration of her young friend, 10&10 Danza, and raises her glass to toast for all the years it has left to live. Cheers!". Claudia Faci, September 2014


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