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Comunidad autónoma: País Vasco
Dirección artística: Iker Arrue


In  2009,  out  of  the  need  to  find  a  choreographic  language  that  could  satisfy  specific  choreographic  concerns,  AI  DO  PROJECT  was created  with the support of the  Basque  Country  Government.  AI  DO  PROJECT merges together contemporary dance and Aikido to create a unique style and way of approaching movement.
AI DO PROJECT integrates the production of new contemporary dance works whilst teaching technical classes, workshops and repertoire to students and professional  dancers  in several countries, such as:  Anton  Bruckner  Privatuniversität (Linz, Austria), Institut  del  Teatre (Barcelona, Spain), CSDMA Dance Conservatoire (Madrid, Spain),  SEEDS (Girona, Spain),  LaCantera (México DF),  Academia  de  la  Danza  Mexicana (Mexico DF), CODARTS (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and Folkwang (Essen, Germany).
Amongst the creations and collaborations by AI DO PROJECT stand out:
[fi: l] dance production.  Denmark, 2009.
Instants que Moren.  Spain, 2009.
Uke Nage.  Spain, 2010.
(im)possibilities.  Holland, 2011.
Verfallen.  Spain, 2011.
Ojos en la nuca.  Spain, 2012.
Invisible Beauty.  Spain, 2013.
Portraits of the Belle Époque. Spain, 2013.
Please, Meat, Me.  China, 2014.
119.104. Spain, 2014.
Wreck of hope. México, 2015.
Grooming. Spain, 2015-16.
Newman. The Netherlands, 2015.
Speaking Walls. Spain, 2016.
Plummet. Germany, 2017.
Born in San Sebastian, Basque Country - Spain, Iker Arrue first studied architecture before immersing himself in the world of dance.
As a dancer, he has worked with several choreographers in Spain, Holland and Denmark.
As a creator, he has collaborated in projects with media artists,  musicians, sculptors and theatre   playwrights  in  places  like   Mexico,  China  and  Switzerland.  He  has  also  been member   of    Dance  and  Performativity,   a  series  of  lectures  proposing   an  analytical  gaze  on  contemporary  dance while  trying  to  answer  some questions  in  the  field  of  philosophy and aesthetics.
Currently  he  is  the director of AI DO PROJECT,  an  initiative  supported  by the  Basque Country  Government for   the   development   of  projects where contemporary dance and Aikido merge in order to develop a new choreographic language.
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